I got a call from the adoption agency, and our application has been approved!  Big relief on my part – I was starting to get nervous since I hadn’t even heard that they had received everything. (I knew the package made it to their office because I had a signature confirmation, but still…I wanted to know that the right person had it on their desk! 🙂 )

We are confirmed for the January weekend session, and have already started the paper chase.  I haven’t worked in post-Soviet countries for nothing…give me a form and I will fill it out in triplicate!  We got fingerprinted for the FBI background check, got our county criminal record checks, and our certified DMV records.  We are also scheduled for physicals and have the paperwork to start our autobiographies and the homestudy questionnaire.  We have some homework to do over Christmas break!



About Ruta

I'm a married mom of one lovely daughter, a maternal & child health researcher, a liberal voter, a practicing Presbyterian, and a recurrent miscarrier. Join me as I embark on my quest to have a second child...Now with open domestic adoption flava!
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One Response to Approval

  1. molly says:

    HOORAY!!! Keep us posted on every step! 🙂

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