God bless interfering aunts!

A little backstory….  When we went out to my Aunt R’s farm, we were talking about the adoption process, and I mentioned how much it costs and that we were still saving (we were given an exceptionally generous gift this summer from some friends, but we were still in saving mode).

Then Thanksgiving came.  Traditionally, we would spend at least a portion of T’giving break with my father’s family, but this year we just didn’t want the hassle.  My dad pulled out all the stops – we got calls from my cousins, facebook pleas from my little sisters, and emails from my aunts – but we still held strong.  We just needed a break and some time at home.  Well, during the family festivities, my aunts, individually and in groups, went to my grandmother (who recently came into quite a bit of $$ due to the sale of some land) and said, “If you are going to give your money away, can we make a suggestion?”

Fast forward to last Thursday morning.  My grandmother calls while I’m in the parking lot at work.  She says, “I heard you and K want to adopt.  I want to give you the money you need.”  I started crying and shaking – I was so excited and overwhelmed!  My grandmother is Eastern European and was a refugee and is very matter of fact.  She asked for my address – apparently she wrote it on the envelope as I gave it to her – and the check was at our house the next day!

Today, I officially registered us for the two-day intensive held by the agency we want to work with – sent our 22 pages of information and, of course, a check :).

It finally begins!


About Ruta

I'm a married mom of one lovely daughter, a maternal & child health researcher, a liberal voter, a practicing Presbyterian, and a recurrent miscarrier. Join me as I embark on my quest to have a second child...Now with open domestic adoption flava!
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2 Responses to God bless interfering aunts!

  1. Sara says:

    Awwwww 🙂 I’m crying at work. Stupid hormones. That is AWESOME! 🙂

  2. mOLLY says:

    Wonderful! Amazing! A Christmas miracle! 🙂

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