First, welcome to the new site… Maybe I can start blogging on a more regular basis now. 🙂

You ever have those moments when you think, “Yes, this is awesome.  I am happy.”  I’m usually too superstitious to say it, even to myself.  But, we had the best weekend.   On Friday, K and I went with our good friends J & E to see our favorite band – The Old Ceremony – at a club where the doors didn’t even open until 9:00pm!  We felt like such grown-ups.   I bought a new shirt and earrings for the occasion and wedged myself into my skinny jeans and new boots.  For the first time in as long as I can remember, I felt like “I’m Back!”  Not just like someone’s mom or a droning worker bee…

Saturday, M’s soccer team in the 3yrs to pre-K league played the team coached by the Brazillian soccer star.   We played them last season and knew we were in trouble when he started barking orders in Portuguese and the 4 & 5 year olds got into battle formation.  Meanwhile, our kids were chasing butterflies and asking for Cheez-its.  Bloodbath to say the least!    This year it wasn’t quite as bad – our kids were a little older and he had mostly 3 yr olds (building year!)  – but those freakish 3 year olds could dribble and were doing corner kicks and throw-ins.   Our team’s parents are a super cool bunch, so we mostly laughed through the game…at least we were having fun!  Afterwards, we spent the day with J & E and their 3 girls.  The day culminated in homemade chicken enchiladas (made by the awesome J!) and Just Dance 2.  There are people who shall go unnamed (cough*my husband*cough) who are freakishly good at dancing to early ’90s rap. 🙂  Kris Kross will make you…

Sunday we met my cousins and their kids at my aunt’s farm about an hour away from our house.  The kids ranged from 4-6 yrs and all got along swimmingly.  M had a fantastic time!  She rode a tractor, drove a mini-tractor, rode in a Model T, played with the great dane and golden retriever, and, most excitingly, RODE A HORSE BY HERSELF!!!  She was fearless!  After about 5 min walking around the ring, she goes “Can’t this thing go faster?!”  K and I were like, “Um, NO!  You just keeping walking!!” It was such a great time.  One of my cousins took some pictures, so I will post them when I get them from him.

Music, friends, family!  Awesome weekend.


About Ruta

I'm a married mom of one lovely daughter, a maternal & child health researcher, a liberal voter, a practicing Presbyterian, and a recurrent miscarrier. Join me as I embark on my quest to have a second child...Now with open domestic adoption flava!
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2 Responses to Weekend

  1. molly says:

    1. Yeah! You’re back!
    2. I gotta see K do the Roger Rabbit. Or the running man. Or the hammer.

  2. Ruta says:

    We need to get together Molly! Dinner at our house sometime soon?

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