Beco 4th Generation Echino Birds

Beco 4th Generation baby carrier for sale – $90 ppd  or best offer

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Now, where was I…

No, really, where have I been?  I am embarrassed and slightly shocked that it has been over a year since I last posted… That is really slack, even for me!

Here’s the abbreviated version:


  • Same job: Lived through the annual “OMG! Do we have funding or don’t we” period… new projects, same maternal & child health topics.  About to get booted out of my office, but that’s ok because I get to work from home…Yoga Pants Today!  Yoga Pants Tomorrow!  Yoga Pants Forever!!
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosis: Kind of a bummer to get the RA label, but also not unexpected… Started on plaquenil – it doesn’t fix everything, but at least my hands don’t look like baseball mitts everyday after work.  Plus, I’m learning how to do neat tricks like open doors with my forearms!
  • Girl Scout Leader: On second and fourth Sundays of each month, I’m entrusted with the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of 14 five to seven year old girls (you there – stop snickering).  The girls are half nuts, I’m starting to hate cookies (IT’S COOKIE TIME!), and the parents can be a PITA, but the other half of the time the girls are awesome, we get to make a lot of crafts, and I get to choose the color of our bandanas for when we go camping (they’re lavender, and I’ve embroidered each of the girls’ names on theirs…I may be overcompensating for something)

K (the husband)

  • Good guy: Still a mensch – takes out the trash, deals with the dogs, does at least his fair share of the laundry & dishes…  Only grumbles a little when I make him do girl scout stuff.  As of today, we’ve been married exactly 9 and 1/2 years.  It sounds gooey, but I think I love him a lot more today than I did on our wedding day.
  • New job: Same (good) boss, but new job that he loves.  Came with the added bonus of a hefty pay raise and an office with a door and a window.

M (the daughter)

  • Kindergarten (!): My baby (I should really say it, “MEH BAABEEE!!!”) is in el-e-men-tary schooool  (like Roosevelt Franklin on Sesame).  She’s had a pretty good year so far.  She’s a middle of the road kid – gets in a little trouble, but nothing serious; Likes school work, as long as it’s in moderation; has friends, although she hasn’t got a best (school) friend yet.  She’s holding out until she checks out her 1st grade options…
  • Best Friend: She and H are still best (non-school) friends, and they even ride the bus home together to H’s house.
  • Horses: M has a horseback riding lesson every Friday afternoon.  She is so in love.  She loves everything about it.  If I asked her, “Do you want to go to a movie, or do you want to shovel horse poop?” she’d pick horse poop, hands down.  We are so screwed.


  • We are homestudied and have been “live” or “in the books” since June.  We had a rough autumn with a situation that didn’t work out and then another promising contact that fell through.  Our rose-colored glasses about the routine support available from our agency have been removed.  We’ve got our legs back under us though, we know how to better advocate for ourselves and what we need from the agency, and we’ve opened up our profile even more. We’re still committed to openness – maybe even more than before – even though we know it can come with a mountain of heartache.   Here’s hoping 2012 is our year!
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I got a call from the adoption agency, and our application has been approved!  Big relief on my part – I was starting to get nervous since I hadn’t even heard that they had received everything. (I knew the package made it to their office because I had a signature confirmation, but still…I wanted to know that the right person had it on their desk! 🙂 )

We are confirmed for the January weekend session, and have already started the paper chase.  I haven’t worked in post-Soviet countries for nothing…give me a form and I will fill it out in triplicate!  We got fingerprinted for the FBI background check, got our county criminal record checks, and our certified DMV records.  We are also scheduled for physicals and have the paperwork to start our autobiographies and the homestudy questionnaire.  We have some homework to do over Christmas break!


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God bless interfering aunts!

A little backstory….  When we went out to my Aunt R’s farm, we were talking about the adoption process, and I mentioned how much it costs and that we were still saving (we were given an exceptionally generous gift this summer from some friends, but we were still in saving mode).

Then Thanksgiving came.  Traditionally, we would spend at least a portion of T’giving break with my father’s family, but this year we just didn’t want the hassle.  My dad pulled out all the stops – we got calls from my cousins, facebook pleas from my little sisters, and emails from my aunts – but we still held strong.  We just needed a break and some time at home.  Well, during the family festivities, my aunts, individually and in groups, went to my grandmother (who recently came into quite a bit of $$ due to the sale of some land) and said, “If you are going to give your money away, can we make a suggestion?”

Fast forward to last Thursday morning.  My grandmother calls while I’m in the parking lot at work.  She says, “I heard you and K want to adopt.  I want to give you the money you need.”  I started crying and shaking – I was so excited and overwhelmed!  My grandmother is Eastern European and was a refugee and is very matter of fact.  She asked for my address – apparently she wrote it on the envelope as I gave it to her – and the check was at our house the next day!

Today, I officially registered us for the two-day intensive held by the agency we want to work with – sent our 22 pages of information and, of course, a check :).

It finally begins!

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First, welcome to the new site… Maybe I can start blogging on a more regular basis now. 🙂

You ever have those moments when you think, “Yes, this is awesome.  I am happy.”  I’m usually too superstitious to say it, even to myself.  But, we had the best weekend.   On Friday, K and I went with our good friends J & E to see our favorite band – The Old Ceremony – at a club where the doors didn’t even open until 9:00pm!  We felt like such grown-ups.   I bought a new shirt and earrings for the occasion and wedged myself into my skinny jeans and new boots.  For the first time in as long as I can remember, I felt like “I’m Back!”  Not just like someone’s mom or a droning worker bee…

Saturday, M’s soccer team in the 3yrs to pre-K league played the team coached by the Brazillian soccer star.   We played them last season and knew we were in trouble when he started barking orders in Portuguese and the 4 & 5 year olds got into battle formation.  Meanwhile, our kids were chasing butterflies and asking for Cheez-its.  Bloodbath to say the least!    This year it wasn’t quite as bad – our kids were a little older and he had mostly 3 yr olds (building year!)  – but those freakish 3 year olds could dribble and were doing corner kicks and throw-ins.   Our team’s parents are a super cool bunch, so we mostly laughed through the game…at least we were having fun!  Afterwards, we spent the day with J & E and their 3 girls.  The day culminated in homemade chicken enchiladas (made by the awesome J!) and Just Dance 2.  There are people who shall go unnamed (cough*my husband*cough) who are freakishly good at dancing to early ’90s rap. 🙂  Kris Kross will make you…

Sunday we met my cousins and their kids at my aunt’s farm about an hour away from our house.  The kids ranged from 4-6 yrs and all got along swimmingly.  M had a fantastic time!  She rode a tractor, drove a mini-tractor, rode in a Model T, played with the great dane and golden retriever, and, most excitingly, RODE A HORSE BY HERSELF!!!  She was fearless!  After about 5 min walking around the ring, she goes “Can’t this thing go faster?!”  K and I were like, “Um, NO!  You just keeping walking!!” It was such a great time.  One of my cousins took some pictures, so I will post them when I get them from him.

Music, friends, family!  Awesome weekend.

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